Culture & Career
Culture & Career
Welfare System

Profit Sharing

QPS shares some of its profits with all members.

Medical Examinations

QPS supports its members to take regular comprehensive medical examinations at specialized institutions.

Family Medical Examinations

The health of the family is directly linked to the health of the members. QPS supports regular comprehensive medical examinations for spouses and parents at specialized institutions.

Accident Insurance

All employees are covered by group accident insurance in case of emergency.

Congratulatory and Condolence Expenses Support

QPS pays congratulatory and condolence expenses according to the rules for marriage and childbirth.

Driver Insurance

All employees are covered by driver insurance in case of a business trip to the client's site.

Holiday Gift

We give gifts so that members can spend a happy time with their family on holidays.

Birthday Celebration

We celebrate members' birthday by holding an individual birthday party.


QPS Workshop

Regular workshops are held to listen to members' opinions, seek QPS's development, and inspire pride as a QPS member.

QPS Academy

We broaden our perspective and knowledge about the world through presentations on topics by members and special lectures by outside lecturers.

Book Provision and Support

QPS provides two books to each member each month and supports the purchase of books necessary for work to acquire knowledge and wisdom in various fields through reading management practice.

QPS Mini Project

Through running internal projects in various themes led by junior members to help them experience beforehand what it is like to work as a PM for better leadership and capabilities to execute projects.

Club Activities

Employees are allowed to form a club based on their interests to promote their physical and mental health and to bring them closer together and build a better relationship with one another, and these activities are financially supported.

Outstanding Colleague Awards

Each year, Best QPSian, Best Dresser, Best Work-Life Harmony, Best OE Coach, and Best Leader are selected and awarded.

Big Bang Meeting

Through monthly town hall meetings, business performance is shared and presentations on various topics are held.



Each week, all members gather together to promote friendship and share project information, boasting each other's capabilities and development, and mutual recognition, support, and encouragement.

Domestic Outing

QPS conducts domestic travel semiannually to allow its members to broaden perspective through new experiences, reinforce teamwork, and inspire pride as a QPS member.

Overseas Outing

Overseas outing at least once a year is offered to broaden insight through world experiences and inspire pride as QPS members.

Overseas Travel Recommended

QPS actively encourages overseas travels using unlimited vacation. It recommends and promotes overseas travels with like-minded colleagues.

Travel Expenses Support

QPS supports individuals' travel expenses of one million won each year to encourage members to travel around as reading by walking, fostering a broad perspective.


Communication Fee Support

QPS supports mobile phone expenses to ensure good communication with customers.

Taxi Fare Provided

QPS supports the taxi expenses to return home on QPS Day and after late-night overtime work.

Meals Provided

QPS pays for its members’ meals during business trips and provides lunch during regular work and dinner during overtime.

Airline Miles Benefits

The mileage accrued from using the corporate card is given to the user as the mileage of the preferred airline (Korean Air or Asiana Airlines) to encourage overseas travels.

Cafeteria Provided

We offer a variety of refreshments and provide the best relaxation space.



QPS recommends telecommuting unless the member needs to be on customer’s site.

Unlimited Vacation

In case there is no project with a client, unlimited time-off is provided to help employees recharge themselves and a two-week-long holiday for refreshing is offered companywide in the summer and winter seasons.

Freedom & Responsibility

QPS members conduct their work through “Freedom & Responsibility,” and no rules are rules except for reading at least one book per month and the dress code at QPS.