Service Type


QPS provides various services in management consulting and education that meet client’s requirements.
Enterprises can internalize the outcome improvement and innovation technique with moderate costs in a period of six months to one year of coaching service for operational excellence in sales, design, purchase, production, quality, and logistics improvements.
We can rapidly improve enterprise performance in a short period and establish a long-term growth basis to strengthen its competitiveness and enhance corporate value by improving the overall operational excellence.
Management Diagnosis
We diagnose the future growth strategy, current business efficiency, and the current level of business and organization to strengthen future growth base and establish change direction and operation strategy to strengthen competitiveness.
We support case study-oriented education and training such as management innovation experts training, transfer of improvement methodologies/techniques, and education for each class in one- to five-day courses.
We guide and coach the workshop and problem-solving process, which are conducted in one- to two-day courses, such as problem-solving, improvement activities by theme, and group activities.
We support 1 to 8 hours of operational excellence improvement techniques, fostering innovation experts, group activities, leadership/teamwork and problem-solving education and training.
Free Lectures
We offer mindset reinforcement, character education, leadership, and teamwork-related education free of charge as talent donation.