Advisor Group

Jongwon KoDT (Digital Transformation ) Advisor

PhD in engineering, and professor of the Department of Applied Artificial Intelligence at Ajou University

After obtaining a PhD degree in computer engineering, he participated in a next-generation computing technology development project led by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning while working as a research professor at the Convergence Research Center of Sungkyunkwan University, and now as a software expert with sufficient knowledge on, and ample experiences of working on digital transformation for several years at private firms, he serve as a professor of the Department of Applied Artificial Intelligence at Ajou University.

While he was working as the leader of the development team at an IT company, he participated in a project to build a RAM target value assessment verification system for the weapon system in the national defense field, and later when he was the head of the research center of a start-up in the AI field, I took part in a R&BD project owned by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. Throughout his career as a digital transformation expert to carry out X, AI, and SW combined digital transformation, he has partaken in various tasks and projects in various business domain areas, including a project to establish a collaboration system regarding illegitimate information and a reform in the communications deliberation system for Korea Communications Commission.

As a DT advisor at QPS, he offer advice on ranging from the establishment of a digital transformation process for the customers’ data and development of a solution to the development of a game for innovation of business management to enhance the management’s skills and capabilities.

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Sewoong ShinHR Advisor

Management consultant and CEO of Next & Company

He worked in HR and strategy development at an affiliate of a Korean conglomerate for about 15 years, and later moved to a consulting firm specializing in innovation and strategy of business management to serve as a lead of various HR strategy projects, which has helped him build expertise in HR and organizational development and strategy development, including the design of HR system and structure, evaluation-based compensation and performance management, business strategies, and the formation of a to-be process.

He has led diverse projects for the establishment of HR systems and business strategy for various companies in a variety of industries, including domestic conglomerates such as SK Group, Naver, and Maeil Dairies, financial and foreign firms, such as Mirae Asset, small and medium-sized companies, and public organizations. Especially, his hands-on experiences in projects to consolidate the HR and organizations of different companies to be merged through an M&A deal have horned his essential capabilities to establish and resolve issues regarding the HR system and organizational structure required in the post-merger integration phase.

Currently, he is mainly providing HR-related consulting services to help companies build relevant strategies as well as training on management of trends and changes and capability enhancement, and serving as an HR advisor at QPS, making the firm better suited to handle PMI activities after an M&A, establishment of organization structure and organizational integration, and change management.

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Donghyeon ShimArchitect Advisor

Architect and CEO of Yuwon Architects & Partners

Before entering the architecture field, he majored in computer engineering at the undergraduate level and gained industrial and professional experience while working for Samsung Electronics. Afterward, he earned a master's degree from the Graduate School of Architecture at Kunkuk University and performed various practical tasks in architecture design at various architects' ateliers for many years. In addition to projects in the private sector, he has extensive experience with projects in the public sector, including facilities for municipal government such as Seoul Facility Corporation, Gangwon Innovation City Development Support Center, and Namdo Boarding House; government buildings such as Korea Creative Content Agency, Korea Tourism Corporation, and Korea Post; and educational research facilities.

Currently, he serve as the CEO of Yuwon Architects & Partners, which executes projects of various scales, such as urban facilities, architecture, and interior. Our business spans a series of construction projects, including architectural design at the planning stage and construction supervision.

As an architecture advisor for QPS, he provide advice for projects related to the architecture design, construction, and materials industries, including manufacturing plants.

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Chunbok WiTax Advisor

Tax accountant and CEO of Hanbaek Tax and Accounting

He has conducted various tax-related works for large and medium-and-small-sized companies since 2006 and am working as the CEO of Hanbaek Tax and Accounting.

He also handled the tax appeal case of Korail Retail, advised Samsung Corning Precision Materials and Posco International on the tax code, served as one of the judges for National Tax Service in Korea, and is now providing services to customers to ensure that their taxes are properly returned through a claim for rectification or a tax appeal based on an analysis to see if there have been any excessively imposed taxes per the tax code, which is constantly changing in a complex manner. In addition, He is specializing in corporate consulting services and planning services related to inheritance and gift taxation to help clients with effective succession of ownership based on the established plan in case of a transfer of ownership of a company or a building.

As a tax advisor at QPS, he is advising the clients to help them with tax-related matters, including tax return through a claim for rectification, a tax appeal, succession planning, and corporate tax consulting services.

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Youngdae YoonLabor Advisor

Labor attorney and CEO of Lodam, a labor law firm

He worked at a large labor law firm after being certified to work as a labor attorney to provide consulting services and help clients deal with work hours and wages, in-house contractors and subcontractors, workplace harassment, and collective bargaining, and have won numerous times by representing clients in cases referred to the Ministry of Employment and Labor and the National Labor Relations Commission. Now, he is the CEO of Lodam, a labor law firm, and working as an expert advisor for the project to support better autonomy in working conditions led by the Korea Certified Public Labor Attorneys Association and for the Clinic of the Business Support Group run by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups and as a labor attorney in partnership with Naver Expert.

He is an HR expert who has provided advice to domestic and international firms in the fields of manufacturing, IT, and services, such as Standard International, LS Automotive, Namyang Nexmo, Korea Food Services Corporation, Celltrion Healthcare, Genie Music, Tripbtoz, Kinkos, and Seoul Grand Park, and successfully helped the clients by proffering consulting services regarding issues, including the design of work hours to embrace the introduction of the 52-hour work week system, an adoption of flexible work arrangements and shift work schedules, estimation of ordinary pay, assessment of illegal labor dispatch, and subsidiaries.

As a labor law advisor at QPS, he is assisting clients in the establishment of HR and labor relations functions, the design of work hours and an introduction of shift work schedules in line with the 52-hour work week system.