CEO Greetings

I have led cost reduction consulting for large enterprises through innovative activities and profitability improvement for the past decades. I felt the rewards and pride in our jobs as we delivered real outcomes and watched the enterprises and their members change and grow. Moreover, my sense of mission to help change and grow enterprises in difficult situations has increased even more.

However, I realized that SMEs are not ready to receive professional consulting services due to limited resources and high consulting costs. I contemplated to solve the problem and developed the COE (Coaching for Operational Excellence) service that combined the advantages of education and consulting.

The COE service is designed to overcome the limitations of one-time education that is irrelevant to the job and provide expensive consulting at a reasonable cost. It allows the clients to learn improvement methodology and inspires them to improve through practical education. Moreover, it facilitates the client-led creation of outcomes by inducing them to enhance competency and solve problems autonomously through coaching guides according to a systematic consulting process. It offers enterprises the opportunity to create results and train their core talents to the consultant’s level in the long term.

Quantum Perspective considers the positive spirit of finding opportunities out of 1% possibilities, passion for helping people and the world change, and sincerity of devotion from the heart to be the important values. We do our best to help until the Quantum Impact is created through positive spirit, passion, and sincerity.

The government recently announced the policy to foster SMEs according to the “SME Vision 2280.” Quantum Perspective is committed to lead the effort to lay the foundation for Korea to continue the sound and sustainable economic growth centered on small but strong companies. We intend to help Korea’s SMEs grow into hidden champions and small giants and further grow into the world’s best companies.

CEO Mountain Choi