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Jeahyuk LeePrincipal Consultant, OE Coach

“I feel like I’m having a wonderful and inspiring life each day.”

QPS pursues the management philosophy of ‘Positive mind, Passion, and Sincerity’ and the organizational culture based on ‘Respect, Growth, Ability, Support, and Freedom’
Although they are the virtue that enterprises commonly use and emphasize, it is not easy to find one that actually practices and prioritizes them. However, QPS believes they are very important and puts them into practice.

We try to see passion and sincerity rather than measure each other’s sill and competencies. We believe that we can be happy and impress our clients only when our philosophy and beliefs are practiced in workplaces. As I joined QPS after a long experience in a conventional company, it was the first experience of organizational culture and somewhat strange. However, now that I look back, it is how we always have pride and confidence, and it is the part that I am most grateful for when I come to QPS.

Management consulting can look wonderful on the outside, but it is by no means an easy job. Moreover, we seek the right appearance to be trusted by clients with strict standards for dress, style, words spoken and written, and hand gestures. We spend days and even nights fiercely debating to find the client’s improvement leverage and a valuable solution. The pride and reward we feel when recognized by clients are beyond describable. We call each other colleagues and sometimes shed tears together but play with innocent passion at drinking gathering.

If you have dreamed of an ideal workplace and organizational life as you sympathized with and related to webtoons like One Piece and dram Miseng, I can confidently tell you that we are practicing it at QPS. There is something definitely different and unique at QPS. We always believe that we can do something remarkable. If you are thrilled to read this article, I invite you to apply to QPS. We are waiting for wonderful colleagues who can share our adventure to the new sea.

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Sungho LeePrincipal Consultant, OE Coach

“The turning point of my life, it is QPS.”

We hold QPS Day once a week. Because of our work's nature involving frequent travel, we may not see each other even once a week unless the project sites overlap. Therefore, we designated a day each week to come together and share our work and encourage each other. We may meet every week, but we can put aside our anxieties with work for a while after laughing and shouting with each other as if there is no tomorrow.

What QPS emphasizes always is “closeness,” it is not just applicable to customer relationships. Instead, we value closeness with each other more at QPS. Since the QPS culture actively encourages its members to travel together, share hobbies, and communicate with each other, the members build close relationships and get the urge to see others if they do not meet for two or three days.

We are the people who consult and coach to help enterprises grow and develop. We diagnose the customer's As-is and derive a positive To-be from it. IWe often encounter unexpected obstacles in the process, but we grow together by overcoming them with our customers. Moreover, colleagues and senior members with great careers and competency observe the process and advise to strengthen bonding between QPS members further.

The term I have paid attention to since joining QPS is perspective. Many things have changed as my perspective has changed when facing certain situations, dealing with people, and envisioning the future. I now have the confidence that I can do the right thing in any situation have realized how important closeness' is in relationships with people. I regard the future as not a vague dream but as a goal to be realized one by one. If I look back at my life in 20 or 30 years, my turning point is right here, QPS.

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Changyoon GoSenior Consultant, OE Coach

“There is real fellowship and freedom at QPS.”

The culture at QPS can be expressed by the phrase “marching together.” We are all marching toward the same destination. We are not alone in that process since “R•G•C•S•F” facilitates reinforcement and support to each other. At QPS, anyone can rely on each other and march together without falling behind.

Anyone who can contribute to QPS’s development can freely raise opinions and receive support from colleagues. One of the things that impressed me the most after joining QPS was that junior members lead the company’s important decision-making at workshops and outings. It is not for a person at a junior level to experience it at conventional companies. However, everyone learns how to become a leader at QPS and, ultimately, how to become the company owner and the entrepreneurship.

As a consultant, it is not easy to have a positive influence on customers. It is obviously important to lead a project and sometimes recharging and finding peace of mind is also one of the very important things. One of the best things in life at QPS is to control the time given to me flexibly. I can use the free telecommuting and unlimited vacation scheme and get full rest except for days that I need to be on customer’s site. It not only increases work efficiency but allows me to freely and flexibly invest time for valuable personal life.

Looking back at me before joining the company, I was embarrassingly impetuous to solve the problem right in front of me. However, I learned how to dream and why it should be big after joining QPS and realized what great happiness it is to achieve my goal with colleagues who share the dream. My colleagues at QPS help each other, expands perspective, and they work together for a bigger leap forward by marching together and pursuing freedom. There are real fellowship and freedom at QPS.

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Jinbae SeungSenior Consultant, OE Coach

“QPS is where you imagine becomes a reality.

QPS colleagues always talk about the future and believe that it is achievable. We constantly strive to establish goals and achieve them. I am more convinced with my motto, “What I image becomes a reality,” by looking at my colleagues. QPS colleagues always talk about dreams and work together toward their dreams and goals.

QPS colleagues sincerely support each other’s success. They talk about the change process with interest and affection for each other. They exchange sincere feedback often, and it is a positive stimulus that allows us to look back and improve ourselves. QPS colleagues believe in each other and open up the world of infinite potential together. I had gone through many trials and errors after joining QPS but changed and grew gradually with my colleagues' wholehearted support and encouragement. After receiving such affection and support from my colleagues, I now feel that I should repay them with growth and performance.

The QPS office exhibits plastic models, figures, puzzles, and pictures of the ship Sunny in the animation One Piece. They symbolize QPS’s organizational culture that embarks toward endless challenges and new adventures. I can freely read many books in the company library for imagination and fun. I can exchange my thoughts with colleagues who have read the book and get a new perspective. QPS always encourages imagination and adventure for the future.

Because of the nature of consulting that often faces new industries, it is very important to learn and acquire the unfamiliar field quickly. We are faced with difficult and challenging situations, but applying our imaginations to customer sites with the goal and expectation and making new changes is exciting and stimulating just by imagining it. QPS is where you begin a new adventure each time and where your imagination becomes a reality.

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Taein SimSenior Consultant, OE Coach

“An endless challenge with the One Team spirit

The early life of QPS was a series of hardships. QPS constantly challenges you. In other words, it offers a variety of opportunities and learning to challenge and grow. You can learn various viewpoints through the QPS Academy, and the in-house mini projects provide opportunities for learning and teaching, so you can learn and experience as much as you want. You can learn about the work of various scopes by volunteering for projects you want to experience, or you can experience as a leader by becoming a project manager, studying improvement modules, and sharing them with colleagues. Moreover, QPS emphasizes 'Trial & Error' and calls for its members to improve through bold delegation and frequent feedback continuously. QPS is where you can live an active life by creating a variety of learning and work by yourself rather than merely spending time performing given tasks daily.

We are consultants who need to deliver the best results for our clients. QPS expects each consultant to be highly competent but emphasizes that becoming a 'One Team' is more important. QPS always works as a team and aims to be 'One Voice'. We value collective intelligence and synergy as a team more than a single, intelligent individual. We all work with one heart and mind and produce the best results through intense discussions. The emphasis is on 'closeness' to cultivate this 'One Team' spirit. Every week, QPS has 'QPS Day' and 'Domestic and international outings twice a year', where you can share your camaraderie and communion. Because of this closeness, all your colleagues voluntarily help you overcome difficult times for you. QPS has a genuine 'One Team' culture where employees empower each other and offer a shoulder to lean on.

In the early days after joining QPS, I struggled with numerous failures and difficulties adapting to work. However, my colleagues were there for me in all those difficult moments. My colleagues gave me constant support and encouragement to overcome difficulties and challenges and move forward, and allowed me to try more. Through it, I learned that difficult challenges in QPS are not something I have to deal with alone but overcome with my colleagues. I also realized the strength of my colleagues and the importance of people. QPS is a place to achieve 'constant challenge' opportunities for growth and is filled with a 'One Team' spirit to overcome them.