Service Features

What is COE(Coaching for Operational Excellence)?

We provide education and coaching to facilitate actual client-led creation of outcome and internalization of improved capability.

coe:저비용, 혁신역향 내재화, 고성과 창출/ 교육(Education) - 저비용, 인력개발,육성, 개선방법론 습득 vs 직무연계성부족, 현업 문제도출 미흡, 성과창출 장기소요/ 컨설팅(Consulting) - Output의 전문성, 객관적검증, 단기간 내 문제인식 vs 고비용, 컨설턴트주도, 일회성,실행률 저하

COE Program Process

Through education, we induce changes in thoughts and perspective, apply them in the field to change methods and actions, and gradually improve personnel through coaching, ultimately helping to internalize work habit change.

Step 1. Knowing

Change in Thoughts & Perspectives

  • Conceptual and theoretical education
  • Case Study
  • Methodology learning

Step 2. Doing

Method & Behavior Change

  • Field data gathering
  • Development of field application method
  • Implementation of improvement plans

Step 3. Coaching

Gradual Improvement

  • Check and guide
  • Coaching for field application
  • Identification of complementary items

Step 4. Being

Change in Work Habit

  • Learning new ways of working
  • Continuous execution and habituation
  • Internalization