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QPS Talent – 3H

hungry(갈망) : 항상 무언가를 찾고 갈구함, 스스로 동기부여됨, 끊임없이 다음 단계와 기회를 찾음/ Humble(겸손) : 개인적 성공보다 모두의 성공을 지향, 자신보다 팀을 강조함, 지지와 격려, 화합을 중시함/ Highly Agile(명민함) : 대인관계를 잘 이해하고 그에 맞춰 적절히 행동함, 집단의 미묘한 역학 변화를 잘 알아차림, 관계상의 판단과 직감이 뛰어남
  • Always looking for and pursuing something
  • Self-motivated
  • Constantly seeking for next steps and opportunities
  • Aiming for everyone's success rather than personal success
  • Emphasizing the team over yourself
  • Valuing support, encouragement, and unity
Highly Agile*
  • Understanding interpersonal relationships well and acting accordingly
  • Being aware of subtle changes in the dynamics of the group
  • Excellent relational judgment and intuition

* People Smart: Wisdom based on the sensitivity of interpersonal relationships

QPS Talent – Required Competency

Quantum Perspective members should have the following three competencies.

Problem Solving Skills

  • Logical thinking and analytical ability
  • Initiative and problem-solving ability
  • Coordination and control

“A person who has the confidence to solve problems ahead of others and has the initiative to overcome obstacles and problems with logical thinking”

Fast Learning Ability

  • Self-directed learning ability and passion for learning
  • Cognition and understanding ability
  • Curiosity and capacity for new things

“A person who quickly learns to identify the situation and find the key through self-directed learning ability for even inexperienced industry or difficult problem”

Perspective Taking Ability

  • Empathy towards others
  • Delicate sensitivity and observation
  • Agility to quickly grasp the situation

“A person who acquires the needs and perspective of others based on delicate sensitivity and empathy and uses it for problem solving”