Mission & Meaning


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We help enterprises and people grow and develop through operational excellence coaching.

Quantum Perspective (QPS) Meanings

The mission refers to the following three meanings.

1Quantum Paradigm Shift
  • In the microscopic world of atoms and molecules, incredible things happen, such as teleportation like a quantum jump.
  • QPS members are challenging themselves to overcome the impossible from the quantum perspective and to help clients adapt to a paradigm shift.
2Quantum Problem Solving
  • QPS members analyze work and expenses in detail down to the quantum level and redefine problems by segmentation and structuring issues.
  • We make quantum leap based on a bold drive in the problem-solving process.
3Quality, Process and Service
  • Quality: Quality improvement
  • Process: Process innovation
  • Service (Sales & Delivery): Service improvement
  • QPS members help enterprises improve profitability by reducing costs and enhancing activities from three perspectives.