CI (Corporate Identity)

Center: QPS
  • It is an Acronym of Quantum Perspective Service, and the Abbreviation of Quantum Perspective Co., Ltd., which is the corporate name.
  • To express the brand identity that symbolizes the infinite growth and development of QPS, a business consulting firm that helps the innovation and development of companies and people, we used a Gothic typeface that exudes power and classical dignity.
  • As for the color, #050161 is used, which is a navy-based Prussian blue that symbolizes sincerity among the three spirits of QPS and represents professionalism and seriousness.
Top Right: Symbol
  • The Symbol on the top right represents Quantum Cosmology.
  • The center dot symbolizes the atom, which is the center of quantum, and at the same time symbolizes the universe. The three dots around it represent the electrons and planets of the universe at the same time, representing the three spirits of QPS (Positive Thinking, Passion, Sincerity).
  • According to the Big Bang theory, about 15 billion years ago, there was a great explosion at a very high temperature and density, which created the current expanding universe. It symbolically expresses the entrepreneurial spirit of QPS, which turns the impossible into a possibility, just as a great explosion occurred from a point that is infinitely small, even smaller than dust, created the great universe.
Bottom: Text
  • QPS's core competencies and service content that improve corporate profitability and help members change their working methods and constitution through Operational Excellence innovation activities are expressed.
  • It symbolizes that QPS is an OE-specialized consulting firm that forms the organizational culture and settles Operational Discipline beyond the systematization of organizational operation.
  • QPS helps change/innovation of companies and organizations through consulting and methodological support for the pursuit of Operational Excellence and further helps the growth and development of companies.