Service Field
  • Identification of measures to reduce costs for each cost account by applying TOP (Total Operational Performance, cost reduction program developed by McKinsey & Company)
    • Early improvement of financial performance
    • Creation of innovation culture in the long-term perspective
Value Proposition
  • Clear improvement of financial performance (more than five times the cost)
    • Enterprise-wide participation and aggressive goal setting
    • Development of detailed ideas through systematic analysis
    • Thorough execution and performance verification
  • Implementation of the operational system for continuous performance improvement
    • Strengthening member capability and improving awareness
    • Creation of voluntary innovation culture
  • Establishment of core performance indicators and sustainable operational system
  • PSM (Purchasing & Supplier Management)

    : Purchase cost efficiency program considering the price and non-price factors by developing and applying differentiated purchasing strategy for market characteristics of each item

Value Proposition
  • Implementation of a departmental collaborative response system that can be flexible according to the purchasing environment
  • Implementation of the management technique system for continuous purchase innovation
  • Sharp reduction of purchasing costs in a short period
  • Forming win-win development relationship with vendors
  • DTV (Design to Value)

    : Product design and formula, specification, and material redesign program based on the cost, process productivity, market requirement, and quality analysis

Value Proposition
  • Drastic cost competitiveness
  • Internalization of defect-based core design capabilities
  • Specification standardization and optimization
  • Design improvement from the total cost and purchase perspective
  • De-bottlenecking

    : Checking of line balance through analysis of production performance data, the process and equipment utilization rate, and process operation status and derivation of improvement opportunities by identifying bottleneck processes

  • Set-up Kaizen

    : Improvement of utilization rate through analysis of key factors such as the preparation and replacement time and count and the cause of equipment failures and analysis of causes of productivity deterioration

  • Facility operation Optimization

    : Review of ROI maximization through the capacity simulation considering the changes in equipment constrain factors

Value Proposition
  • Increase in overall production by improving the production line organizational efficiency
  • Improvement of unnecessary stop and the waiting time loss in the factory
  • Improvement of item replacement time
  • Identification of productivity improvement measures for the production method of a small production of many items or mass production of fewer items
  • Capacity expansion to increase the quantity and reduce OT cost
  • Expansion of order opportunities by re-establishing the wage standard of processing vendors
  • PMI (Post Merger Integration)

    : Process and system integration from a hardware perspective (physical integration) and establishment of organizational culture and a human resource management system from the perspective of software (chemical convergence)

  • ODD (Operational Due Diligence)

    : Identification of opportunities and risk factors from operational aspects following the acquisition of a company and evaluation of corporate value from growth potential and post-acquisition synergy

  • 7S Model Organizational diagnosis

    : An organizational development, capability identification, and organizational innovation diagnosis tool developed by McKinsey & Company

Value Proposition
  • Contribution to resolving organizational conflict at the beginning of the acquisition and stable increase of corporate value
  • Identifying potential operational risks after acquisition and establishing countermeasures
  • Identifying organizational and operational strategy directions and reconsidering efficiency
  • Quality Breakthrough

    : Establishment of statistics-based quality improvement measures for product and process defects

    • Establishment of comprehensive quality management system
    • Calculation of failure costs such as process defects and claims
    • Analysis of the root cause of defects and establishment of improvement measures
    • Establishment of a quality assurance system
    • Quantification of COPQ (Cost of Poor Quality)
Value Proposition
  • Minimization of quality costs
  • Efficiency increase through improvement of process and work defect
  • Securing quality reliability and improving quality deviation
  • Reduction of raw and subsidiary material costs by improving of reliable yield index
  • Increasing facility efficiency through productivity improvement
  • SCM (Supply Chain Management)

    : Synchronization of enterprise-wide demand & supply (synchronization), Singly supply chain plan from demand to shipping (single Plan), Implementation of the S&OP (Sales and Operations Planning) operating system, process & rule setting, and To-do & R&R setup

Value Proposition
  • Reduction of operating costs by reducing inventory
  • Increased sales opportunities by preventing shortage through improvement delivery in supply chain and appropriate inventory management
  • Strengthening of collaboration by improving visibility at each supply stage
  • Establishment of the rule & process system to introduce the SCM IT system
  • SPM (Strategic Portfolio Management)

    : Optimal configuration of product portfolio for profit maximization

  • SFE (Sales Force Effectiveness)

    : Standard process for sales activities, KPI definition, and implementation system design

  • SSP (Sales Stimulation Program)

    : Salesforce activation program for sales mind, sales process, and field execution ability

  • VIP (Value Improvement Program)

    : B2B sales capability strengthening program

Value Proposition
  • Profitability improvement through the expansion of high-profit products and reduction of low-profit products
  • Creation of optimal product and client portfolio with a common language that can be used by both production and sales
  • Drastic improvement of sales productivity
  • Standard process and KPI definition of sales activities
  • Train operational excellence experts for the plant manager and department head
  • Promote innovative activities leading group
    • Coach refinement and mindset
    • A logical thinking process
    • Troubleshooting techniques
    • Interview/Presentation skill up
    • Operational excellence consulting methodology
Value Proposition
  • Improve operational management capabilities by acquiring overall innovational refinement, including production, purchase, quality, design, and sales
  • Train operational excellence expert
  • Implement self-innovation activities by internalizing innovation activities
  • Continuous improvement activities